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5 Ways 2017 Will Change Work Forever


Do you work…


  • In an office?
  • At home?
  • In a local coffee shop?
  • At a cowork space?
  • Wherever you want?

It wasn’t too long ago that there weren’t as many options. Freelance work, remote work, and corporate work have all undergone an incredible transformation over the past decade.


But, last year the rumbling in the dust gave way to a landslide…

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Village Happy Hour

FREE Community Happy Hour

Wrap up Global Entrepreneurship Week with your favorite villagers while sipping a fall-themed cocktail! Bar Opens at 5:30pm.

On the menu:
Fall Mule: Kettle One Vodka, Ginger Beer, Apple Cider, Cinnamon
Bourbon Cider:  Bulleit Bourbon, Apple Cider, Cinnamon, Rosemary