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GP x Champion: LauderMade Official

A timeless sweatshirt by Champion. Their reverse weave sweat has been in production for 90 years, and now you can pick up yours with the battle-cry of our city’s creative class.

Pre-Order Price: $35. Arriving end of March. 

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We’re Fort Lauderdale’s largest community of founders, makers, and creatives. We want you to be a part of it.


Book a Free Day Pass at one of our spaces with the form below. We can’t wait to meet you.


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The State of AI: FREE EVENT

About This Event

Today, tech startups and corporate giants alike are experimenting with artificial intelligence. We know it’s coming, but where are we in the advent of AI and how soon will it weave into our daily lives—or has it already?

Overview:From applications in AI across industries to major ethical debates, the panel will discuss the state of artificial intelligence and how it’s evolved.

What You’ll Take Away: Attendees will learn about major trends in artificial intelligence and take away key use cases to look out for in the coming years.

Why It Matters: Your job–and all aspects of your life– will be impacted greatly by artificial intelligence in the very near future. Learn how to harness the power of AI to make it work to your benefit.

Light refreshments & food will be provided at this event.

GP Announces General Assembly Partnership

General Provision, Fort Lauderdale’s largest community of Founders, Makers, and Creators, is proud to announce a new partnership with General Assembly, a global pioneer in education and career transformation. General Provision has been named as the Fort Lauderdale home to General Assembly, and will host events, workshops, and classes to be available to GP members at exclusive discounts as General Assembly introduces it’s full curriculum to Fort Lauderdale at large. Continue reading

Wanted: Maker in Residence





Are you a motivated creative looking to for your next adventure? Do you want your own studio space? Would you like to work with a client that wants to make art and content to elevate their brand, yet supports your desire to push the boundaries of your craft? We hope that’s us.


In exchange for working together, you’ll get your very own private studio space at General Provision at no charge, plus a monthly stipend to be our first official Maker in Residence. Yes, you can take on other clients–you will be promoted within our community for other opportunities if interested. Yes, we will pay for all of your materials. Yes, your work will be used both in our marketing and within our spaces. Yes, we will establish a clear scope and commitment before we begin together.


We’re prioritizing partnerships with talented makers in the following fields:

  1. Videography/Film
  2. Motion Graphics
  3. Graphic Design/ illustration/Visual Design
  4. Environmental Design


Do you dabble in a lot of things that we didn’t mention? Fancy yourself as a generalist? We’re open to it. Just send us a body of work to review, and we can begin a conversation. We’re open to partnering with anyone that can help us tell our story to the world. Fill the form out, and we will be reaching out to you.


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Reserve an Office in FATVillage

2020 Kickoff Offer! Join before the end of January, and receive 2 free months of membership. Our FATVillage Work Club offers fully-furnished, fully-serviced offices available for teams of 1 to 10 available with flexible terms.


Please fill out the form, and our Community Team will be reaching out to you!

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